• 01

    Editable Information




    Information divided onto three different fields: Coach line number; Destination; Waiting time. Long messages are automatically displayed in scrolling mode. Maxi-mum number of lines: 4. Minimum characters: 32 char-acters per line.

  • 02

    High Ingress Protection




    Yaham BSS is sealed for pressure washing and harsh weather, featuring an Ingress Protection up to 55. With the transparent PC cover to protect diodes, Yaham BSS is totally weatherproof and shockproof. Yaham BSS is also featured by electrostatic prevention and lighting protection to make it more durable for the long-term usage.

  • 03

    High level of EMC




    While exerting a minium magnetic interference to the surroundings during the operation, our BSS possesses a high level of anti-interference against the magnetic interference in the surroundings. In this case, signal intensity of our BSS can stay stable making it more durable and stable in guiding passengers in bus stations.

  • 04

    Auto Dimming




    Light sensor is applied to the front of the display, It will send a signal to the display’s controller board that indicates current light levels for proper dimming of the display, and ensure that the display brightness will change accordingly whether sun exposure to the back of the screen or front.

  • 05

    Multifonctional Monitor




    Yaham BSS can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipement health status, current message ID, current operating mode, temperature, etc.