• 01

    Yaham Creative’s YCS Flexible LED display




    Yaham Creative ’s YCS soft module series products can be spliced into different curved displays such as typical cylindrical displays, spherical displays and many other flexible curved shapes with“softness”as their beauty according to installation requirements,providing viewers with a wonderful visual experience. They are are widely used in large hotels,urban planning museums,art galleries and so on.

  • 02

    Advanced Technology and High-quality Material




    The PCB board uses Sytech PCB, immersion gold technology, S1000-2 material, special circuit layout and multilayer boards design. These high-end materials will greatly reduce the “color temperature” phenomenon. Rubber is used for mask and bottom case.

  • 03

    Large Radian and High Flexibility




    The bending angle of the soft module is between 150°to 180°. With 140°viewing angle, the display can show high-quality visual effect at all angles.

  • 04

    Higher Contrast Ratio and Definition




    YCS series adopts high-contrast black lights. When the display is off, the entire display appears black. The light-emitting angles are consistent. When high-definition videos are played on the display, you will see delicate and soft image and gain excellent visual experience.

  • 05

    Segmented Splicing Makes Installation More Flexible




    The cabinet structure adopts high-strength metal plate sandblasting iron box and unique segmented splicing technology, which effectively reduce screen’s splicing gap.

  • 06

    Strong Magnetic Absorption Brings Higher Flatness




    The module is able to be installed conveniently under the help of its strong magnetic absorption function. A single magnet’s magnetic content reaches 2000 GS. There are 14 such strong magnets equipped on a single board. The strong magnetic absorption and slightly adjustable features solve the degumming and uneven problems that often occur in traditional modules installation, improving the flatness and view effect of the display.

  • 07

    Front Maintenance Design




    The power box is designed for front maintenance. it can realize front installation in special application. With specific tools, you can complete front maintenance, which is convenient.

  • 08

    Ultra-thin and Ultra-light




    Module’s thickness is only 8.6mm. Ultra-thin design takes up less space. Soft, thin and light features are suitable to create more curved effects possibilities.