• 01

    Motorway variable message sign




    Yaham variable message sign, often used on motorway, are designed to deliver traffic information covering congestion report,accident report, temperature, lane control and limit speed sign, etc. It has been widely used in modern transportation system and it is becoming indispensable.

  • 02

    Smart monitor




    Yaham VMS can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipment health status, current message ID, current operating mode temperature, humidity, etc.

  • 03

    Customized color




    Yaham VMS is a highly customized product with color availability including monochrome,full-color and dual-color.

  • 04

    Remote control




    Messages, photos are capable of being edited and displayed remotely and wirelessly. In addition, VMS can also be remotely switched on and off.

  • 05

    NTCIP and MODBUS based




    Yaham traffic information displays are programmed based on the world two most prevailing 1.programmed NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for ITS protocol) and Modbus, more than just that, we also provide customized protocol if necessary.

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