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Level 1 parking guidance display




The screen is placed in some traffic arteries or at the entrance and exit of the city. Publish the name, location, and actual parking status information of multiple parking lots.

Level 2 parking guidance display




Level 2 screens are placed on secondary roads in the city. Publish parking lot name, driving route, and actual parking status information

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Data acquisition


The data collection of non data service parking lots and data service parking lots meets the needs of different types of parking lots.

Data transmission


Adopt a multi point to one approach. The data information on each parking lot is sent to the central system through a 4G network, processed, and then sent to each LED parking guidance screen.

Central management system


This is the data center of the entire system, receiving and storing real-time parking space information transmitted from various parking lots, and establishing data channels with various network platforms

Intelligent analysis


Be able to count the monthly, daily, and hourly usage rates of parking lots, and understand the usage status of parking lots.

Congestion status detection


Detect vehicle congestion at the entrance of the parking lot, and correctly guide drivers to choose a suitable entrance to enter the parking lot.

Data publishing


Provide rich interfaces through which various parking message publishing platforms can collect required data.

Parking guidance system



Guidance And Information System Solutions

The use of parking guidance system has greatly alleviated urban traffic congestion, reduced road occupation, reduced vehicle exhaust emissions and noise, and significantly improved the utilization rate of original parking facilities, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Traffic jam

Idle parking space

Find a parking space

Disorderly parking

Hard to park

Level 3 parking guidance display




Before the screen is placed in the parking lot, the number of vacant seats is displayed