• 01

    Yaham Creative’s YCB Spherical LED Display




    Yaham Creative’s YCB spherical display is not only a window for enterprise to show contents, but also a tool to attract attention. Compared to the traditional LED display, It has advantage that the audience can watch from 360°viewing angle. Yaham Creative’s YCB series spherical display is widely applied in museums, planetariums, science and technology museums and so on.

  • 02

    360° Wide Angle Display




    Yaham Creative’s YCB series spherical display can realize 360°wide viewing angle display. There is no limitation of viewing angle. It can achieve rotating, stretching out and drawing back flexibly, which can bring more shocking effects and be suitable for different installation environments.

  • 03

    Flexible Sizes and Shapes




    Yaham Creative’s YCB series spherical display is so soft and flexible that it can achieve seamless splicing.(splicing error within ±1.0mm). After the special treatment, the unit module can be created to oval display, arc display, cylinder display, bowl display, curved surface display with amazing visual effects that traditional display can not achieve.

  • 04

    Even Pixel Points Extraction Technology Makes Clear Image




    With even pixel points extraction technology, the display’s pixel points distribute evenly, which can show the image truely.

  • 05

    High Contrast Ratio and High Refresh Rate




    With gray scale of 14 bit and refresh rate up to 1920-3840 Hz, the display shows image without delay and shadow.

  • 06

    Front Maintenance, More Convenient




    The indoor spherical display adopts magnetic absorption front maintenance and the outdoor spherical display adopts screw front maintenance. The front maintenance method is convenient and solves the difficulties of maintaining in the spherical enclosed construction.