• 01

    Yaham Interactive Floor Tile Display




    Yaham LED floor tile display is a full-color LED floor tile display, which is portable, flexible, easy to be installed and maintained. Optional interactive function makes it possible to upgrade it to be an interactive LED floor tile display. It is widely used in stages, concerts, performances, bars, shopping centers and other fields.

  • 02

    Intelligent Interaction




    With the smart sensor chips built inside each cabinet, the floor tile display can interact with people who stand on it. When there are people walking on the screen, the sensor chip can identify the position of each person and trigger interactive effect according to their movements. There is many interactive material like fictional worlds, blue ocean, magic lawn and so on.

  • 03

    Easy Installation




    Yaham traffic’s LED floor tile display is capable to be installed in many ways. You can choose ground installation, embedded installation, steel frame installation, rail installation according to the actual installation environment. Its installation is easy and quick.

  • 04

    Unique Module Design




    Good transparency: no color differences with any viewing angles. Skid -resistant, wear-resistant, non-reflective, high-heeled shoes are allowed. UV resistance: It still maintains the original color after many years of use. Professional anti-blunt and anti-scratch mask, more durable and long lifespan.

  • 05

    High Loading Weight




    Maximum loading weight is up to 2T/m², which is easy to deal with vehicle driving.

  • 06

    High Protection Degree




    Module is designed with no screw on its surface. Protection degree is up to IP67, which can perfectly work well in different environments.

  • 07

    Adjustable Height, Convenient Maintenance




    The supporting feet of steel cabinet can be adjusted from 130 to 170mm and adapt to a variety of conditions. Cabinets are effortlessly accessible either with a magnetic chuck or a front-access tool. It only takes 3 seconds to change a module.