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Lane control sign




This is a EN12966 based traffic-related information display and networkable with other displays, terminals and platforms. Automatic dimming and easy installation.

LED speed limit sign



2mm Aluminum housing, fully welded with internal strength, ensuring perfect screen performance in the harshest environments and severe weather conditions.

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Smart traffic VMS System


It fully combines big data, mobile Internet and other technologies, and combines traffic guidelines, media display, emergency display, data presentation, information feedback and other functions.

LED Road Lighting System


The product uses graphene heat -conducting material heat dissipation technology, has better performance and longer use. High light effect, creating a stable road environment.

Light Pole Screen System


Using lighting poles as the carrier, services such as vehicle road communication, high-precision navigation, and early warning can be provided through communication technology, visibility detectors, road condition detectors, and other equipment.

Monitoring LED screen system


The LED screen is delicate, the color reduction is high, and the massive image processing capacity is available.

Light Supplement System


The lighting equipment uses a high -quality high -power LED light source, with unique secondary optical design to provide professional supplementary light for road monitoring cameras.

The solution contains 5 systems



Traffic System solutions

Improve road traffic by inducing the travel behavior of road users. YAHAM's direct -inserted variable message signs, lens dynamic message sign, control center LED monitoring screen, lane control signs, full -point matrix signs, LED speed limit signs and other products can be used on highway traffic induction On the system.


competitive power

energy conservation



TN3 LED tunnel lamp




The entire lamp is made of aluminum alloy material and has a frameless design, making it lighter and faster to dissipate heat; Easy to install and maintain.

Dynamic message sign



often used on motorway, are designed to deliver traffic information covering congestion report,accident report, temperature, lane control and limit speed sign, etc.