Why YAHAM Taxi Roof LED Advertising Display Is Popular All Over the World



As a new mobile media platform, taxi roof LED display has gradually changed from the initial text advertising to text, animation, video and other modes, providing more and more diversified forms of presentation for advertising and news reports. Different from traditional media ads, LED screen ads on the top of taxis transcend the limitations of time and space, allowing more efficient advertising communication day and night. 24-hour free circulation in every corner of the city has become a unique mobile landscape of the city.



YAHAM, as an old manufacturer of vehicle mounted display track, has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology for its R&D achievements. Adhering to YAHAM's consistent pursuit of quality, YAHAM taxi top LED advertising screen is more excellent in practicality and energy saving.



1. Built in GPS, precise push LED

YAHAM vehicle mounted LED display can conduct cluster advertising management according to different regions through built-in GPS module, providing users in different regions with more accurate content push.


2. Efficient intelligent energy-saving technology

The average energy consumption is 100W, and the brightness can be intelligently adjusted through the built-in brightness sensor. Precise power input technology allows the red and blue diodes to be powered by different voltages, respectively. The results show that the power consumption of YAHAM taxi roof LED advertising display is 50% lower than that of the traditional taxi car LED display.


3. 50000 hours long service life

The average barrier free time is more than 50000 hours, that is, the life of YAHAM taxi roof LED display can be as long as 5-10 years, significantly ahead of the industry average.


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