Why is YAHAM road traffic LED VMS favored by the market?


If you drive on Tver, the main road connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, the variable information board along the way will accurately display the road conditions, traffic conditions and climate conditions ahead for you, and timely remind drivers to pay attention to the road information ahead to ensure driving safety.

Variable message signs (VMS) is a road traffic sign that displays the driving environment in front of you in real time. Prompt the driver to take corresponding driving measures in time by displaying real-time information.

YAHAM variable message signs has variable speed limit sign, road control LED sign and other product types, which can be installed in the form of gantry, cantilever, single column, etc.

The outdoor traffic LED display screen has been exposed to the wind and the sun for a long time. In order to cope with the harsh outdoor environment, Yuanheng has established an industry-leading laboratory. All outdoor products have been tested for salt spray, high and low temperature, water resistance, UV resistance, vibration and ball dropping to ensure that the products can operate stably in the harsh outdoor environment for a long time.

In addition, in order to improve the display effect and reduce the reflectivity, Yuanheng VMS adds a lens component, which includes a light guide column and a lens part for the light generated by the outgoing light component. One end of the light guide column is connected with the light source component, and the other end of the light guide column is connected with the lens part. The light guide column is internally provided with a light emitting part, so that the light can be emitted from the light emitting part instead of the lens part. Therefore, the influence of the light from the outside to the lens on the light emitted by the light source assembly is avoided, so that only the light emitted by the light source assembly can be emitted through the lens, thereby reducing the luminosity and improving the display effect of the display device.

As of March 2019, Yuanheng has more than 2300 traffic LED displays on expressways in various provinces and cities in China, providing all-weather trouble free escort for people.

Publish Time:2022-12-09 11:01