YAHAM Traffic invites you to meet at ITS America Conference&Expo 2024


From April 22 to April 25, 2024, ITS America Conference&Expo (2024) will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona, USA. YAHAM Traffic will showcase the latest transportation products at the exhibition, showcasing the new generation of LED transportation products to you.


ITS America Conference & Expo 2024

Place: Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona
Date: April 22-25, 2024
Booth: 2252

As a high-end LED display screen manufacturer and solution supplier, YAHAM closely follows the pace of market development. In this exhibition, YAHAM traffic will not only showcase the best-selling PID series products, but also focus on promoting VMS series products with long service life, high brightness, and stability and durability in harsh environments.


Displaying products:



Passenger information display - PID


YAHAM traffic has rich experience in system design, structural design, software design, process manufacturing, quality control, and installation. At the same time, its PID products, which also have functions such as module detection, power detection, fan detection, automatic brightness adjustment, and error reporting, are one of the focuses of YAHAM traffic at this exhibition. Our passenger information display screen (PID) has multiple mature series of products, which have been certified by CE, CCC, and other certifications. We have experience in multiple large-scale projects such as the Hong Kong Metro, the Kowloon Canton Railway in Hong Kong, the Shenzhen Metro, the Thailand Airport Light Rail Transfer Station, and the Dutch Urban Railway.



Variable message signs - VMS


VMS plays an increasingly important role in the field of intelligent transportation, widely used in road transportation, public service information, and displaying text, images, and numbers. VMS information can guide drivers in real-time to make flexible adjustments in advance to avoid road congestion, traffic accidents, road maintenance and other traffic conditions, improve traffic efficiency to save time and ensure safety. YAHAM's Variable message signs can meet various pixel spacing and size installation requirements, including gantry VMS, cantilever VMS, column VMS, etc.

Publish Time:2024-03-21 16:18