Trailer LED sign Overview Specifications Case Study

Variable Message Sign trailer

The trailer screen is mainly used to display simple words, pictures and traffic signs.

Its main feature is that it can be moved, solar energy can be used, and it can be dragged wherever it is needed,

which is not limited by the region and energy.

Use occasion

                                                                       especial road section School,                                                         factory and community gate                                    Tunnel portal

                                     Highway crossing                                                               Beside the city road                                                    Beside the expressway

Technical features of products

Energy saving system use 70w~100w based on 5000~10000nits.

Working efficient Solar system

On-demand supplying for led modules, panels, solar system, trailer and customized service.

Excellent optical performance.

Whole lens modular design can reduce water seeping problems.

Computer control

Mobile phone controlAndroid)

Touch screen control (4.3-inch touch screen or 7-inch touch screen)

Key box control (6 keys)

Sleep mode

● Use the driver with sleep function IC-MY9263

● One IC can control 16 lights

● When the IC finds that each light is not working, it goes into sleep mode by itself

● The static current required for a common IC is 8Ma

● The static current required for IC with sleep mode is 8ua

Sleep mode is only available for YAHAM system

Solar energy can be selected to charge the battery

You can choose to charge the battery with mains power

Input voltage range of screen: dc9v-36v

The screen can work stably under DC12V or DC24V

Start distributed power on

The module part of each power module can be separately controlled to power on or off

It can reduce the surge current at the moment of start-up to a very small level

Can extend the service life of battery

It can make the working voltage of the system more stable

Product model

Medium size  trailer                                                      Large size trailer                                                           Large size trailer

IP65 for pressure washing and harsh weather Durable power supply(12V/24V) unit Protected from shock and movable by truck Wireless and remote control

Available in a variety of sizes and cabinet colors Networkable with other displays and controllers Self-diagnosis and failure report.

Brightness meets EN12966 L3

Color meets EN12966 C2

Visual angle meets EN12966 B4 / B6

Contrast meets EN12966 R2 / R3

Compatible with EN12966 and NTCIP.

Monitor can identify equipment status, current message ID, diagnostic information, current operating mode.
Saving power by exceptional lens design, dual-voltage, driver IC, digital dimming.


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