Variable Message Sign Overview Specifications Case Study

Fixed variable message sign

Yaham variable message sign, often used on roadways, are designed to deliver traffic information covering congestion report,accident report, temperature, lane control and limit speed sign, etc. It has been widely used in modern transportation system and it is becoming indispensable.

The Yaham VMS products including gantry VMS, cantilever VMS, single pillar VMS and other customized VMS products. By delivering useful information, our durable signs are guiding traffic all over the world.

New Integrated Optical Len

Improved flatness

Instead of manually implanting optical len one by one, new module comes all the lens are moduled in one piece, resulting in perfect module flatness

High color consistency

With a much improved flatness, diode spectrum and brightness are able to remain the same, making the color more consistent and content more readable

Better contrast ratio

The surface of each optical len is designed with carved strips that could reduce light reflection.

Effortless service

Thanks to the integrated optical len design, no glue coating on the PCB is required, making diode or driver replacement much easier than before.

Thinner cabinet

New OT16 and OT20 modules measure only 40mm and 35mm thick respectively, 50% thinner than the previous generations, facilitating installation.

High stability

Less manual production and component processes, less potential failure rate, bringing the new module up to a new level of stability.

Product Features

Global positioning system

Each VMS is paired with GPS, locations and VMS amount could be simply apparent to your eye.

Smart monitor

Yaham VMS can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipment health status, current message ID, current operating mode temperature, humidity, etc.

IP65 pressure washing and harsh weather Electomagnetic interference free.

Wireless and remote control.

Available in variety of sizes and cabinet colors Networkable with other displays and controllers.

Self-diagnosis and failure report.

Customized color

Yaham VMS is a highly customized product with color availability including monochrome,full-color and dual-color.

Remote control

Messages, photos are capable of being edited and displayed remotely and wirelessly. In addition, VMS can also be remotely switched on and off.

Compatible with EN12966 and NTCIP.
Monitor can identify equipment status, current message ID, diagnostic information, current operating mode.
Saving power by exceptional lens design, dual-voltage, driver IC, digital dimming.

Production technology

Solder paste 3D inspector                                                              Automatic solder paste printer                                                         Surface mounting machine

Manual welding                           Conformal Coating                       Gluing                                             Module Assembly                            Auto screwdriver                            Module burn-in

Yaham workshop covers 30,000 sq.m and owns a complete production line, including SMT, post-soldering, module assembly, gluing, burning, etc.

Its capacity is over 5,000 sq.m per month.

We are all over the world

Russia, Variable message sign

Turkey, Variable message sign


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