Passenger information display signs Overview Specifications Case Study

15 year experience of cooperating with system integrator in PIDS

1020 sets of passenger information display till now

Over 120 stations and 80 trains

> Applications

In the train station, metro station, bus station and other populated areas, passenger information display signs (PIDs) are of essential importance to providing information service to facilitate passenger flow efficiently.

For all these years, Yaham has been manufacturing numerous passenger information displays for clients all across the world since its foundation.

> Project reference

> Specifications

> DIP Specification

> SMD Specification

> Production process

Solder paste 3D inspector                                                               Automatic solder paste printer                                                         Surface mounting machine

Manual welding                        Conformal Coating                            Gluing                                 Module Assembly                   Auto screwdriver                      Module burn-in


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