Comnination sign Overview Specifications Case Study

Product Function Information

As ADTD’s function requirements. The first function is in the daytime the product will be sleeping and their look like the same as normal traffic board. However, in the night our product will be working and display traffic information. 2nd function the new product can help the people who can not give out light and get feedback from the signs. Such as the pedestrian and cyclist. Last but not least, our new product can suit for severe environment, such as dense fog,rainstorm and low visibility extreme weather. All in all, our product can greatly enhance road safety.

Structural Concept

ADTD is combine with 1.5cm aluminum box, from top to bottom are as follows: reflection film, flag panel,LED and floorboards. According to the outdoor standard requirements, the new product get IP65.and also pass the other protecting test.

Charactors Information

This kind of product use Blue or Green color as background color, the Led Character is first displaying in white color, brightness is over 6000cd/m2, best viewing distance is 250m, dynamic viewing distance is 200m, viewing distance in severe enviroment can reach 150m.


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