Parking Screen Overview Specifications Case Study

Parking Screen

Product Introduction:

By embedding LEDs on some sections of ordinary traffic signs, the effect of dynamically displaying road traffic conditions can be achieved.
Shows the red, green, and yellow colors specified by the national standard to indicate that the road is crowded, unimpeded, and slow.
In strict accordance with the 23828-2009 standard selection, design, production and testing.

Compared with traditional traffic signs, it has the advantage of traffic conditions;
More general LED variable information board, with energy-saving and easy-to-understand advantages;
It has been widely used in Beijing and Shenzhen.

It is applied to indoor main roads in major cities at home and abroad.

product features and performance:
■ Environmental adaptability
Operating temperature range: -40°C~ 60°C;
Relative humidity at work: 5%~98%RH.

■View performance
Perspective (horizontal/up and down) : 70°/ 35°;
Static viewing distance : 15m to 300m;
Dynamic viewing distance: 20 meters to 220 meters;
Refresh frequency : 500Hz (The content of the display is stable when the car is traveling at high speed);
Refresh frequency : 500+ Hz;
Highest brightness: 12000nits;
Uniformity of light (between pixels): Normal light intensity difference between pixels <3% at rated current;
Luminous uniformity (within pixels): The degree of unevenness between LEDs within a pixel should be <8%.

■ Electrical and structural safety performance
Power grid fluctuations (AC voltage) Adaptive voltage: 220V ± 10%;
Power grid fluctuations (frequency) Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%;
Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance of the power supply terminal and chassis >110MΩ;
Electric strength : 50Hz, 1500V sinusoidal AC voltage, lasted 1 minute, no hit;
Safety Ground: The connection resistance between the safety ground terminal and the chassis is <0.1Ω;
Enclosure protection: IP65 as specified in GB7000.1;
Display structure stability: When wind pressure of 40m/s wind speed is used normally and deformation is less than.

■ Control and Communication Performance
Control method : Asynchronous duplex;
Communication speed: 1200bits/s~ 19200bits/s;
Supply voltage: 220V±10%;
Communication interface : Support RS232/RS485/RJ45/optical fiber multiple communication;
Protocol conversion : Seamlessly compatible with all domestic background interfaces.

Display content: Display all characters and numbers of GB2312 and no glare when closed;
Manual function: When leaving the system control, it can be displayed by manual mode;
Automatic function: After accessing the system via the communication interface, accept the system control;
Self-test function: single point detection function;

Dimming function: automatic adjustment of brightness from 100cd/m2 to 10000cd/m2.


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