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Bus Station PID





Information divided onto three different fields: Coach line number; Destination; Waiting time. Long messages are automatically displayed in scrolling mode. 

Subway PID




In the train station, metro station and other populated areas, passenger information display signs (PIDs) are of essential importance to providing information service to facilitate passenger flow efficiently.

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Screen brightness


The screen brightness supports three regulation methods: automatic adjustment, manual adjustment, and timing adjustment;

Multimedia format


Support multiple media formats, simulation clocks, animation, pictures, texts, walking lights, digital clocks, positive and negative time, lunar calendar media, etc.

remote control


Screen content supports Internet remote cluster control playback.

Capacity expansion


Support the local U disk playback, the SD card capacity expansion, there are 2 USB interfaces

Screen state


The screen state can be monitored, and the failure can be found immediately. Support screen locking and black screen.

Dual-network card


Dual network card output mode, system loop backup.

Public Transport Passenger Information Display System


Public Transportation

passenger information display solutions

We not only provide high-quality passenger information display screens, but also provide a stable and efficient display system to provide timely and accurate display information for each station. Provide reliable solutions for your various needs.

bus station

Passenger ship terminal



subway station


Train Station PID





Yaham PID can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipment health status, current message ID, current operat-ing mode, temperature, etc.

Airport PID




It guide passengers through the station,designate boarding locations and announce arrivals and departutes. These PID reinforce audio notifications while withstanding brake dust,vandalism and hard weather at platforms,airports.