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Yaham attended Intertraffic Mexico 2017 with traffic display products

2017-11-23 16:26:58

On November 15, Intertraffic 2017 was officially opened in Mexico which was expected to last till November 17. Yaham appeared on this annual event with leading solutions and products including OT20 display, speed limit sign, lane control sign, P3.91mm LED display, YS LED billboard, variable message sign and so on.

Be the world’ s largest exhibition for international traffic technology industry, Intertaffic is regarded as a business platform with the purpose of showcasing solutions, products and services for infrastructures, IT traffic management, parking and road safety around the world, meanwhile, it is also a yearly grand feast for all the professionals from transportation industry to get together regularly.

As professional LED display and solution provider, Yaham LED variable message sign has grown into a well-known brand. Based on its stable, safety and reliable performance, our team keep working on designing and producing more energy-efficient full-color LED traffic product through continuous innovations and improvements. So far, the maximum power consumption of Yaham variable message sign is only one-third of other full-color products. From the optical display and visibility perspective, the technical combination of Yaham unique SMD and optical lens makes the light color better mixed.

At this event, we unveiled OT20 display, speed limit sign, lane control sign, P3.91mm LED display, YS LED screen, LED variable message sign, single-column speed limit sign and intelligent board sign for metro application. We also lighted up all the displays and presented the up-to-date R&D achievements which successfully draw the attention of decision makers of transportation department, technical consultants, federal government representatives and even head of public transportation project department, result in the spot atmosphere rising.

Since established in 2002, Yaham transportation business department has made remarkable contribution for national traffic guidance. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yaham transportation business department provided more than 100 traffic displays, ensuring 24-hour stable and uninterrupted operation. As of now, there are exceeding 300 Yaham LED traffic displays servicing in Beijing, around 270 traffic screens working in Hong Kong. Additionally, over 1500 Yaham traffic displays are currently servicing nationwide, while more than 3000 traffic screens are put into operation around the world.

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