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Yaham Traffic displays its latest traffic products at TITE

2019-04-13 16:51:00
April 10, the Turkish International Transport Exhibition was grandly opened on at the Istanbul Exhibition Center. This exhibition gathered manufacturers, importers and producers of traffic infrastructure, traffic management, safety parking related products and services

This year's transportation exhibition is also the first show of Yaham’s transportation's new generation lens series. LED lenses are primarily used on variable traffic signs (VMS) on LED traffic displays. The variable information sign can be sent to various expressways in real time through the user control interface in the system, so that the driver can know the situation of the driving section in time, and the driving route and time according to the situation. Make adjustments to reduce time wastage caused by various faults or congestion, ease traffic pressure, improve the efficiency of travel vehicles, and improve the utilization rate of expressways.

As the demand for display and illumination quality has increased, traditional plugin LEDs have gradually been replaced by SMD LEDs. When SMD LEDs are used in display technology, in addition to brightness and viewing angles, it is also necessary to consider the effect of reflection on the display. In order to reduce the loss of light, the lens in the conventional SMD LED is usually designed to be smooth, resulting in a strong reflection of the lens. When sunlight hits the lens, the display effect of the display device is affected by the strong reflection of the lens.

In order to improve the display effect and reduce the degree of reflection, Yaham redesigned a new len for conventional lens. It includes a light guide column and a lens portion for emitting light generated by the light assembly. One end of the light guide column is connected to the light source assembly, and the other end of the light guide column is connected to the lens portion, and the light guide portion is built in the light guide column, so that the light is emitted from the light exit portion and is not emitted from the lens portion. Therefore, the light emitted from the outside to the lens portion is prevented from affecting the light emitted from the light source assembly, only the light emitted from the light source assembly can be emitted through the lens portion, thereby reducing the illuminance and improving the display effect of the display device.
Yaham’s traffic LED display has always been highly praised by customers at home and abroad for its characteristics of “stable, reliable, high quality and energy saving”. As of now, there are more than 4,000 traffic displays designed and manufactured by Yaham are running all the day.

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