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Slim LED Street Light



There are integrated driver and isolated driver solutions with lightweight, and adopts die-cast technology with smooth surface to make it self-cleaning by rain. 

• Output: 3,600lm-7,200lm
• Wattage: 30W/60W available
• Efficacy: 120lm/W

Martini LED Post Top



Martini glasses design, elegant and charming. Make your road and garden safer and more beautiful at night.
• Made of die-cast aluminum & PC materials.
• IK rating is up to IK08.
• Equipment with a class of protection against electric shock "III".

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Safer roads


With LED technology you increase road safety by improving visual perception for the driver and ensuring maximum visual comfort for pedestrians on much safer roads.

Increase the energy savings


The average savings obtained using LED lighting is about 93% compared to incandescent lamps – 90% compared to halogen lamps – 66% compared to fluorescent lamps.

Reduced maintenance


service life reaches and exceeds 100,000 hours, or over twenty years of operation; this translates into high maintenance savings, as periodic replacement of the lamps is no longer necessary.

Eco-friendly light


With LED lighting, you reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the optics of our products also reduce light pollution, illuminating efficiently only where necessary.

More liveability


Increase the liveability of places in the city with efficient LED road lighting. Adequate LED lighting returns parks, squares and other areas of the city to citizens, making them safe to use even at night.

Excellent colour rendering


4000K LED public road lighting allows motorists to identify the presence of pedestrians and obstacles more easily and at greater distances than other colour temperatures.

Why choose LED street lighting ?


LED lighting

road and street lighting solutions

The complexities of transportation infrastructure mean varying types of illumination are needed to ensure traffic flows smoothly, people feel safe, at the same time, allow municipalities to save on energy costs. YAHAM LED road lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today. 

Green light

High quality lighting

Numerous dimmings

Reduce CO2 emissions

Less waste

TN3 LED floodlight




The entire lamp is made of aluminum alloy material and has a frameless design, making it lighter and faster to dissipate heat; Easy to install and maintain.

Tri LED Flood Light




Let Tri be the first choice for your parking lots, streets, plazas, and playgrounds, and enjoy the durability.

• Various Lens applicate for Area & Facade Lighting

• Multiple wattage and mounted methods optional