• 01

    Speed Limit sign




    It provides clear and distinguishable road instructions to the driver and enables immediate establishment of urgent control information from traffic control center. All these advantages lead to a wide range of application of LED VMS worldwide. As a part of traffic Signs,the Speed Limit Signs (SLS) can remind the driver ahead road speed limits, it can make traffic to be orderly.

  • 02

    En12966 compatible




    Yaham SLS is a EN12966 based traffic-related Information display and networkable with other displays, terminals and platforms.

  • 03





    As a part of our efforts in energy efficiency, Yaham SLS combines Yaham-engineered optical lens technology and industry-leading dual-voltage technology, it can tremendously improves energy efficiency and maximumly lower light pollution.

  • 04

    Strong cabinet architecture




    2mm Aluminum housing, fully welded with internal strength, ensuring perfect screen performance in the harshest environments and severe weather conditions.

  • 05

    Solar Radar Feedback Sign




    Radar speed signs are designed to slow cars down and make streets safer for everyone. Radar speed signs have been shown to be effective in helping motorists to slow down on neighborhood streets and other traffic areas that require lower speed.