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Lane control sign




This is a EN12966 based traffic-related information display and networkable with other displays, terminals and platforms. Automatic dimming and easy installation.

LED speed limit sign



2mm Aluminum housing, fully welded with internal strength, ensuring perfect screen performance in the harshest environments and severe weather conditions.

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Ensure driving safety


Intelligent lighting avoids the black hole and white hole effect, and the uniform LED white light guarantees driving field.

Intelligent lighting control


Link the external light sensor and the radar monitoring of the vehicle. According to the strength and traffic of the external light, flexibly adjust the light illuminance in the tunnel

Online maintenance


The system monitors faults in a timely manner and reports specific information and location of the faults, facilitating accurate maintenance by administrators and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Automatic light adjustment


Significantly reduce energy consumption, save energy costs, and reduce labor maintenance costs.

Automatic fault alarm


It can provide information such as the cause of lamp failure and the specific address of the lamp in the tunnel, eliminating the need for manual real-time inspection and repair, reducing maintenance costs.

Long service life


The service life of LED lighting and display products can reach 100,000 hours.

Tunnel LED system solution



Intelligent lighting solutions

Tunnel intelligent lighting can significantly improve the safety and comfort of tunnels. Intelligent lighting systems can automatically adjust the brightness and color of lighting through real-time monitoring of the environment and traffic conditions, enabling drivers to see the road conditions ahead more clearly during driving, reducing the occurrence of accidents.

Dim light?

Black white hole effect?

Frequent product replacement?

Uneven brightness?

Energy waste?

TN3 LED floodlight




The entire lamp is made of aluminum alloy material and has a frameless design, making it lighter and faster to dissipate heat; Easy to install and maintain.