• 01

    Yaham Creative’s YCR Flexible Transparent Display Film




    With unique design and mature R&D technology, Yaham Creative integrated the world’s top anti-UV transparent material technology, ultra-low impedance transparent circuit technology, super-size precision pressing technology, low-power and high-brightness LED technology, LED display control technology, and communication-level centralized power supply technology, creating a colorful, invisible and realistic YCR series flexible transparent LED display film product.

  • 02

    Invisible PCB Technology




    Thanks to the world leading invisible PCB technology, the transparency of the film reaches 95%. You even can not see the PCB wires inside the film. When the film LED display is turned off, it is just like the glass of the window.

  • 03

    Super Strong Adhesion to the Glass Surface




    The LED transparent display film has good adhesion and higher safety. Even if the curtain wall behind it is damaged, it will not be scattered. It has become the best solution for glass background wall display.

  • 04

    Light, Thin and Soft for Creative Design




    The display film’s thickness is only 1.2mm, the weight is 0.3kgs/500*500mm. Made of soft materials, it is suitable for various creative installations, such as curved surfaces and round shapes.

  • 05

    Anti-UV, Durable




    With powerful anti-UV material, after being tested by 28W UV light for 1000 hours which is equivalent to outdoor sunlight for 5 years, it shows images normally without yellowing problem.

  • 06

    You Can Cut the Size as You Want




    You can cut the size of film for your projects on site and do not need to customize the size. 

  • 07

    Easy Installation




    Paste it on glass directly without any installation frame and never break the original design on site.

  • 08

    Easy and Safe System




    Separate 48V DC telecom power supply ensures the high reliability and safety. The system is controlled by PC or APP through WIFI or 4G, and supports cluster control.