• 01

    Yaham Creative’s YCL Light Bar Display




    Yaham Creative’s YCL series product is a light bar display used for outdoor special-shaped creative display. As its light bars are connected by the GB customized flexible cables, the display can realize arbitrary bending and deformation and special-shaped facade installation. It is widely applied in shopping malls, corporate offices, public transportation station and so on.

  • 02

    Novel Design, Extreme Light and Thin




    It is only 4.4 kg weight each square meter and the thickness is only 15mm, which is able to reduce the load of the buildings and save the installation and transportation cost.

  • 03

    Continuous,High-definition,Real and Natural Display Effect




    The display’s refresh rate is up to 3840HZ.The picture transition is real and natural,and the viewing experience is excellent. The current is adjusted by software to avoid the loss of gray scale during white balance and brightness adjustment. It can ensure that there is no gray scale loss in low brightness mode. Avoid image distortion and improve the visual experience.

  • 04

    High Protection Degree and Safer




    The light bar display adopts high thermal conductivity and weather resistant PU glue sealing waterproof technology and outdoor lightning protection and anti-static(ESD)professional protection design. With V0 fire rating and IP66 protection degree,the display used outdoors is safe and relaible.

  • 05

    94% Ultra High Transparency




    Yaham Creative's YCL light bar display series product is mainly installed in the building,wall,roof. The frame-free grill design provides you with a clear view while the daylighting will not be blocked. The transparency is up to 94%.

  • 06

    Easy Installation and Front/rear Access




    With the simple tools and portable operation,all the components can be easily maintained from both front or rear of display. The minimum length of the maintainable unit is 250mm. The display supports maintenance without cable cutting, which greatly simplifies the structure and improves the beauty and stability of the display body.

  • 07

    Dual-Channel and Real-time Backup




    When the primary signal fails,it can be switched to the standby signal to reduce the probability of continuous loss of control and reduce maintenance cost.